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Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) Podcast

Thanks for checking out the Official Podcast of Tasty Minstrel Games - hosted by Lance "UndeadViking" Myxter

Feb 21, 2018

In this second episode of "What Makes", Jeremiah Isley takes the time to talk to several figures in Game Design to see what all goes into the creation of a tabletop game.


Feb 9, 2018

If you haven't watched Hello Gregor, you are missing out. He was one of the first reviewers on the scene around 8 years ago, and from the get go, he had his own style and purpose. A whimsical genius, I have always wanted to pry into his mind and find out what makes him tick. I don't know if I figured that out, but I did...

Feb 2, 2018

Stefan Risthaus has designed two of my favorite gams, Arkwright and Gentes. We managed to fight through the time zone differences and a little bit of clunky internet to have a talk about his history of gaming and his design process.